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Hello! My name is Nathan and I work of what was formerly the Microsoft Store. While we are all currently working remotely, I am still on a team that is dedicated to providing a variety of free resources to the Arizona community. Here are some of the things that my team can set you up with:



With a lot of Arizona working remotely right now, we understand that a lot of the technology can be new to you. This is why we are continuing to host free workshops virtually for children and for adults. Kids get to participate in virtual workshops revolving around STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) with workshops like “Code your own video game with MakeCode Arcade: Introduction”, or test their creativity with the “Minecraft Build Challenge”. For Adults, you can work on your personal development at this time with workshops Windows 10, Office applications, LinkedIn, and more to make sure that you are prepared for the virtual workplace. All of which can be found with dates and times at or feel free to reach out to me!


Local Businesses

The biggest part of my job is knowing how to tailor Microsoft products to fit the specific needs of your business. But I really take joy in helping companies make technological improvements. I do this by helping companies with free professional trainings on Microsoft Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, etc. to help business thrive at this time rather than just survive. I also have higher level knowledge of Microsoft cloud licensing and hardware devices to tailor the best modern solution for you. All while making the purchasing and deployment as simple as possible. But, if our free trainings make the most sense right now (which is top priority for a lot of businesses) feel free to look at our catalogue HERE to see the workshops available, or for specific needs always feel free to reach out!



We all know the education world is crazy right now, this is why I want to share the resources we have for education specifically. I work with a dedicated education team who are eager to work schools through the next school year. We offer a lot of the same resources as we do for local businesses, but with the added benefit of hosting Office Hours for any technology questions, as well as professional development for teachers and staff through the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program. This has all sorts of great resources like teaching accessibility features in the Microsoft platform or ways to virtually organize your class curriculum, assignments, and grading. The team is also great at starting from the very basics of computer work and helping you work up from there. I would to connect with any teachers. Staff, or districts that are interested in learning more about our support!


Thank you all for taking the time to learn about Microsoft in your community. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, I would still like to connect and meet others (I’m going crazy working from home). Here’s my contact info to reach me at any time:


Nathan Natividad

(480) 581-7032